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This image strted it all when i was in my very early teens. I remember scrolling through Google Images for something about a vampire girl with brown hair and this one was my favorite. It stuck with me for years. I named her Midnight. She was the first version and each itteration of her is linked with my fixations through my life. I used that image and name for a website I can't find anymore. It was a black background with red text-text based, vampire role playing flash game where you moved on a square map and you had limited moves before being able to continue. So in the mean time, it had a seprate chat room you could join whatever channel you liked. I remember my parents were worried who i was talking to and what i'd tell them. I wasn't a kid who gave out personal info so I was confused with my parents' dislike for the website. Now I understand their rightful concern.

At the same time, a little game called Psi-Ops on the Xbox came out.

This game was like crack to me. I played it constantly after school. I wasn't great at it but I enjoyed it. The main premise is basic white soilder guy wakes up in enemy base and has anmisia. He breaks out of his cell and as the game goes, he remembers that he has mind powers like telekinesis and pyrokinesis. There are an array of abilities he has. I thought it was the coolest game in the world and soon found myself day dreaming about being that much of a badass. Midnight now was "Spygirl"; a super powered wolf woman who was a one manned army. This self insert soon became the foundation of me making original characters off media I enjoyed. Here's what she first looked like (recreation).

She was dropped as my main when I was introduced to a game series that hasn't left me since, The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time.

Specificly down in the Well but that's a different part all together.

And as you can see, it never left me. From then on, the majority of my characters had long pointed ears that could move up and down with their emotions. I never considered them as elves in the traditional sense but the only way to describe their ears are, "long and pointed, elf-like,". The gold eyes and wolf specifics, came from the anime Inyuasha. I Could only catch glimpses of it off Toonami's late night segments. I new the bare bones of the lore and aesthetics.

When Youtube.com rolled around, I was watching Anime Music Video edits and clips of any animes I could find. I didn't care if it was in spanish or the subtitles were backwords. Around this time I had multiple revamps of Midnight but they were all the same self-inserts who were overpowered to shit. I can't be too embaressed about that though. I beleive that every artist goes through that cringe phase.

To understnd Creator as a character, the main self insert now, background on the history behind her is the best way to understand the web. Midnight Wolf is the strongest, the Psi-Ops OC that got her own story and family. The First and the strongest of the Center City defenders. Spygirl was now officially remaned into an actual nonfanfiction related character, Midnight Wolf. Neocities PAGE FOR MIDNIGHT WOLF

So for many years I didn't use Mid Wolf, I used a casual and flexible version with the same name but just reused in any stories or fanfics. Midnight Shadows. She always looked similar, long brown hair, yellow eyes and instert a bimbo brained fighter who just doesn't stay dead. She was my mary-sure self insert for all my teen years. When I joind the Navy, Mid Wolf got her revamp.

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